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Winter Outerwear Program Winter Gear for Local Kids in Need


D41 Kids Foundation’s Winter Outerwear Program provides children in need with a full complement of brand new winter gear including hats, coats, mittens, snow pants, and boots. This year it is estimated that the Foundation will need to ‘winterize’ over 200 children. The cost of providing winter outerwear to a child is approximately $70. While donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, you can sponsor one or more children by donating a specific dollar amount to the Foundation. Better yet, you can actually go shopping for a child by going to our Amazon Wish List. Regardless of which way you would like to support this program, you can rest easy that all our children are kept toasty warm this winter!

Winter Outerwear:
  • Sponsor 1 child – $70
  • Sponsor 2 children – $140
  • Sponsor 3 children – $210