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Our Vision

The D41 Kids Foundation envisions a district guided by evidence that fosters inclusivity, diversity, and equity to fully equip students for a dynamic world, fortified by unwavering community support.

Our Mission

To strengthen public education in D41 through adaptive partnerships, strategic investments, and advocacy for initiatives that prioritize equity and prepare students to be global citizens.


Our Purpose

With students’ experiences at the center, we…
  • Support and enhance high-impact initiatives that align with our mission.
  • Foster active community engagement through collaboration, thereby delivering community investments that address immediate needs and aspirational educational opportunities.
  • Promote Equity and reduce disparities in educational outcomes by focusing on resources, opportunities, and support for underserved and marginalized student populations.
  • Cultivate Global Citizenship by exposing students to the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to be engaged, responsible, and adaptive global citizens.
  • Strive for Long-Term Sustainability by emphasizing the importance of securing long-term financial sustainability to ensure continuous support for educational programs and initiatives.
moana production summer 2023

Annual Report

What a remarkable year it has been for the D41Kids Foundation! Together with you, we have positively impacted the lives of over 700 families and children in our community! Please read our annual report and consider helping us make a difference locally. 


Did you know?

  • During the pandemic, D41 Kids provide rental assistance to 25 families.
  • During the pandemic, D41 Kids provided over $14,500 in food subsidies to our families.
  • Mailed over 7,715 books through the DPIL to over 550 children under the age of 5 living in our district.
  • Had 140 children participate in our 2023 summer theater production of Moana.