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D41 Kids Foundation Proudly Funds Local Enrichment Opportunities

D41 Kids Foundation was conceived in response to the reality that funding cuts, inflation and policy changes on a national, state and local level put at risk public education and its revenue. The overly burdensome dependence on property taxes for school funding has created a fraught relationship between community members and their local schools, creating an untenable tension between what community members value and what they feel they can afford.

The D41 Kids Foundation was created by a group of concerned residents for the purpose of creating a pathway for those in our community who want to make a greater investment in our schools. By pooling our resources, the Foundation is able to fund opportunities the school district would otherwise be unable to explore.

Both a reactive and pro-active agent, the Foundation is uniquely equipped to react to current realities to meet the immediate needs of our families and our school personnel, as we so aptly demonstrated when the Covid 19 pandemic hit.  We are pro-active in that we are constantly seeking opportunities to enrich the learning experiences of our students, as demonstrated by the creation and support of the Foundation’s Dolly Parton Imagination Library which delivers hundreds of books every month to children in our community.

Our over-arching purpose is to broker a strong relationship between the private sector and our schools to ensure high-impact programs such as Full Day Kindergarten, an Early Childhood Center, and clinical school based mental health counseling become a reality. The Foundation serves as a catalyst for educational improvement for all students through funding and advocacy with a vision to support transformational change. By providing a forum for community members to actively collaborate and participate in supporting our local schools, the Foundation can provide community investment that benefits all of our students, whether that takes the form of meeting an immediate need or is more aspirational by providing educational opportunities to students that broaden their horizons.

Moana is Our 2023 Summer Production July 20-23

We are thrilled to present the summer musical, Moana Jr, with performances running from July 20-23, 2023.  Photo/Video Passes are on sale now!