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Spring Appeal

Today, over 120 D41 children are struggling to overcome unimaginable hardships. Will you help bridge the gap? Please give today!

Dear Reader,

I just heard this from one of our D41 school teachers, and it breaks my heart . . .

“My newest student from Venezuela, a kindergartener, just talked to me about arriving on a train, and how cold it was without a roof or walls. He described having to be secured with a cord to not fall off.”

Imagine the trauma this represents for a 5-year-old. Imagine coming to a new country after enduring such hardship: fleeing violence, clinging to a train for dear life. Imagine facing a language barrier, a housing barrier, an empathy barrier . . . and then trying to learn, behave, and thrive.

This little boy’s story is tragically not uncommon. As of September of this school year, 120 new students had enrolled in our English Learner programs — a near 40% increase since 2021. And more are arriving each day, many having faced unthinkable horrors.

These are our neighbors. As a community, it’s not only in our interest to help them; it’s the right thing to do.

But the problem is complicated.

While many local charities want to assist, most are hampered by lengthy application processes and strict eligibility rules based on citizenship, work permits, or refugee status. This red tape leaves desperate families waiting 6-12 months for aid they need immediately. D41 Kids Foundation is different. We are nimble and flexible. We can cut through the bureaucracy to provide help now, when it matters most.

That’s why I’m asking you to give $50, $100, or even $200 today. Your gift will provide immediate critical support and help all D41 kids and their families in so many other ways, including:

  • Rental assistance to keep families in safe, uncrowded housing
  • Food and gas cards to ensure kids don’t go hungry
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments and vaccination clinics
  • Vision screenings and eyeglasses so students can see to learn
  • Appropriate seasonal clothing to ensure they stay warm during cold weather
  • Supplies 4 Success Kits, to ensure that every child starts the school year on the right foot

We’ve seen how quick assistance can change lives. Like when we paid off a storage unit bill to keep a family from losing their new, safe, and secure housing. Or covered the medical expenses for another so they could stay in their home. Or met the immediate needs of the approximately 20.5% of D41 families and their children who are registered for free and reduced lunch.

When a family is in crisis, they need support immediately, not in 6-12 months. Your gift of $100.00 or more will allow us to say “yes” when our neighbors need us most. Please give by May 15th.

The challenges many of our children face would be daunting for anyone, let alone a child. Yet they persevere. Will you stand with them and show that in D41, no child faces hardship alone?

For D41 kids and their families,

Dr. Lynn Bruno
Founder and Executive Director

P.S. School is hard enough. Can you imagine having to learn while worrying about where you’ll sleep tonight, when you’ll eat next, or how you’ll see the board with no glasses? Please give what you can today to lift these burdens for our D41 kids. Thank you!