Creating a pathway for greater investment in education

In early 2018, a concerned group of community members from across District 41 gathered to address the reality that public education and its revenue are increasingly at risk from national and state sources. 

In a series of visioning meetings, the group reached out to a diverse range of stakeholders to discuss the issues facing our district, identify existing support systems, and explore the opportunities for a D41-focused foundation. 

We collectively identified both a need and desire to create a pathway for those who want to make a greater investment in education, similar to foundations established in Wheaton District 200, Downers Grove District 58 and Naperville District 203.

A small working group then conducted a startup workshop to explore the vision, mission, board structure, and potential names for the foundation. From there, members developed branding materials, drafted by-laws, and established a founding board. After collaborative conversations with both D41 administration and the PEP Foundation board, in June of 2019, D41 Kids Foundation was announced to the District 41 School Board. 

D41 Kids Foundation is committed to the belief that every child is worth our investment.  Our community values education and the success of our students, no matter where they begin, the challenges they face, or the talents they dream of pursuing. D41 Kids Foundation is committed to providing the support they need to overcome those challenges and chase those dreams.